Dominic Latella

Dominic Latella


Dominic eats, sleeps, and breathes swimming. With over 16 years of experience, he might just know a thing or two.

Dominic Latella; private swim lessons

Dominic’s straight to the point scientific approach helps you learn safe and efficient swimming technique. SwimBox's endless pool technology allows him to be able to stop you mid-stroke and make any needed corrections/adjustments. He’ll tell you exactly what needs to be done with your swimming to become more efficient, get faster, and swim injury free.

In addition to his love for the sport, Dominic has been in the swimming world for over 16 years, and not just as a coach. Take a look at some pieces of his resume:

  • Owner & Head Instructor at SwimBox, his Endless Pools facility in Fairfax, VA
  • The only Level 4 US Masters Swimming coach in Virginia and DC (the highest level of certification available)
  • Head swim coach for Adaptive Swimming at Walter Reed
  • 2 time coach at USMS High Performance Camp
  • 16 yrs coaching experience working with swimmers of all ages and ability levels (USMS, PVS, NVSL)
  • US Masters Swimming Level 1-3 Certification Instructor
  • US Masters Swimming Learn-to-Swim Certification Instructor
Dominic Latella; private swim lessons